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Friendship Crew
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Adult Religious Education

For a listing of the most recent and up to date activities, please see our Calendar.

Activities are held at  Friendship Fellowship at 3115 Friendship Place at the south end of Rockledge near US 1, Florida. 


III.  Additional Activities (See Calendar for dates)

Come join, talk, listen, explore...

Friendship Fellowship offers a wide-ranging selection of courses and programs for our members and the general public.  We are always open to adding more classes when there is a demand.  See our online Calendar for specific information about times and dates.  Here are some of our current programs. 

Sunday Morning Discussion Group:

We meet in the Coffee House (the building closest to Route 1) before the service, every Sunday from 9:15 to10:15 AM, to discuss various topics of mutual interest. Many topics are announced in advance and we may also discuss timely news events.  Sessons are currently moderated alternately by John Lees and Harry Pearson.

Film Discussion Series:

On alternate Mondays, year round, we present a feature film of quality in Friendship Hall at 1:00 PM.  After the film, we have a lively discussion of its themes and values.  Moderated by Helen Bennett.

Other activities:

Second Thursday of the month, 10:30 am: Women's Book Club (Coffee House)

Third Saturday: Humanists of Brevard, 10:00 am to noon. (Coffee House)

In addition, there are frequent one-time programs, as well as social activities for both woman and men.  An introductory course to Unitarian Universalism is offered for new members, as needed.

Sunday Services

You are always welcome at Friendship Fellowship at Pineda's regular Sunday Service, regardless of your background and your personal, political, or spiritual beliefs. Services are held every Sunday at 10:30am. Our new building is located at 3115 Friendship Place, off US 1, just north of the Pineda Causeway.

For a map and directions, please visit our Location and Directions page.

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