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We are currently in transition between Ministers. We are seeking a full-time Contract Minister for an initial period of two years. Funds to support this in line with UU compensation recommendations are already in place. We are optimistic that a new minister will be able to increase our membership to a level which will support that minister on a permanent or "called" basis.  

The primary focus of this position is to work with the church leadership, the congregation and various committees to achieve our vision:  “Who we are and what we do increases love, justice and respect among ourselves and in the wider world”
and to help us work towards our shared goals of:
    serving the needs of our members and friends
    aid in our continual search for truth and justice
    inspiration and motivation in our spiritual growth
    striving to be true to our mission:
Friendship Fellowship at Pineda, a Unitarian Universalist congregation, Is a welcoming, diverse religious community of compassionate, open-minded truth seekers dedicated to:
·        Caring for our members and potential members through mutual respect, friendship and support.
·        Exploring intellectual, ethical and spiritual ideas with reason and love in pursuit of truth and understanding.
·        Using our collective voices, efforts and resources in service to social justice, the wider community, and the peaceful preservation of our planet.
·        Creating intellectual, artistic, and philanthropic opportunities that welcome the local community.
This we do to the best of our ability in congruence with Unitarian Universalist principles and beliefs

Qualifications we seek:
1. Active or retired minister or advanced seminary student in good standing with UUA
2. Cover letter indicating your interest, availability and your position towards our goals.
3. Willingness to “be in the pulpit” per contractual agreement
4. Able to provide pastoral care to our members as needed and desired.

We ideally seek a flexible-thinking theologian in the tradition of Unitarian Universalist principals, an engaging speaker, good communicator, creative thinker, adept with time and resource management and genuine care and concern for all humanity and our environment.  We are a liberal community in a largely conservative county.,

For questions or more information regarding the position or to send application, please contact:

Andy Petruska, search committee co-chair

Friendship Fellowship background and environment

Friendship Fellowship at Pineda was founded in 1993 by a small group of dedicated individuals meeting under an oak tree in a local park. We have grown since then to a congregation of about 100 friends and members. In 2009 we occupied a new sanctuary building overlooking Florida's Intracoastal Waterway on the border between Rockledge and Melbourne Florida. The sanctuary was financed entirely by the membership.
An applicant for this position will find the "Space Coast" where we are located a delightful place to live. Our Fellowship is located about 20 miles from Cape Canaveral  - you can see rockets lifting into space from our campus. With a population of approximately 100,000 in the Rockledge/Melbourne area we are big enough to have many cultural activities e.g. two symphony orchestras, two colleges/universities, and some of the best secondary schools in Florida. Patrick AFB is only 10 minutes away. Boating, fishing, golf and other sports opportunities abound. Watersports are enhanced by access to the Indian River lagoon (which we overlook) as well as by over 7 miles of white sand beach on the Atlantic. We are about one hour away from Disneyworld and the Orlando International Airport.
Our area averages 234 sunny days per year! In a national survey the comfort index for Melbourne was 81 out of 100 (U.S. average is 54). Finally, housing is affordable - average home value is $185,000.
We hope you will consider the benefits we have to offer.

The particulars for this position are specified in the announcement including the functional expectations, congregational goals and minimum qualifications.

Sunday Services

You are always welcome at Friendship Fellowship at Pineda's regular Sunday Service, regardless of your background and your personal, political, or spiritual beliefs. Services are held every Sunday at 10:30am. Our new building is located at 3115 Friendship Place, off US 1, just north of the Pineda Causeway.

For a map and directions, please visit our Location and Directions page.

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